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This LeafyBloom™ Drainage soap holder is a specially designed soap holder to add some beauty to your bathroom.

This is not just a regular soap holder, it is a work of art; adding a touch of beauty to your bathroom.

One of the biggest disadvantages of using bar soap is its potential to become a soggy mess during the course of its usage.

With LeafyBloom™ Soap holder, you can prolong the life of your bar soap and keep your washing area cleaner for longer. … The drainage spout makes the water drain from your soap and from the soap holder …



Simple and Elegant:

A particularly well-designed soap holder. It might be just for soap but let’s face it you still want something that’s going to stays in place, hold enough soap, not let soap fall out and look the part too.

Strong and Functional:

The suction foot at the base secures it firmly to any surface without moving around. There is no risk of accidental tripping or the soap, sponge or scrubber falling off. This is especially good for a family with kids.


We can bet you have not seen this in any house before as this is a new design that is presently not being sold in any store.


No more recycling of handwash soap plastic. No more soap wastages. Every parent knows that the kids sometimes have fun by just pressing the soap dispenser.
This soap holder is not going to be just functional; they are going to be a piece of decoration for your bathroom.

Put one in your guest bathroom and watch them asking about where you got them.

Materials: BPA Free Polypropylene and Silicone.


The soap holder is versatile and can be used in the kitchen.


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