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Why You Need this Armrest in Your Car.

Generally, armrests help to guide your arms and hands into a relaxed position, easing the muscle tension that often occurs up when the hands are tired, not properly rested or not in the right position. The benefits of armrests are only notable if your armrests are designed to fit your height.

When you are driving a car, the most important thing is your convenience and comfort! On average, we put on 15,000 miles on our car every year, which means we spend a lot of time driving.
Most cars come with a center armrest that is made of hard shells, not soft or high enough to support our arms.

Automadix­™ Memory Foam Car Armrest Pads to the Rescue:

The ergonomic design of the armrest pads puts your elbows in completely symmetrical positions while keeping your hands within reach of the steering wheel for the ultimate in relaxed cruising.
The armrests pads turn your existing low profile armrest into a well-padded and can be placed in a suitable position at the center, high and far enough forward to be comfortable without getting in the way of shifting.

Regular driving or abnormal driving habits can result in issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff injuries, repetitive strain injury, or bursitis.
Driving can also cause and aggravate arthritis, especially in older adults.

Why The Doctors Recommend Using Armrest in the Cars:

  • Repetitive hand use. Repeating the same hand and wrist motions or activities over a prolonged period of time may aggravate the tendons in the wrist, causing swelling that puts pressure on the nerve.
  • Hand and wrist position. Doing activities that involve extreme flexion or extension of the hand and wrist for a prolonged period of time can increase pressure on the nerve.



PREMIUM MEMORY FOAM: The car armrest cushion is made from Memory foam that is known for a slow rebound, relieves the pressure so that the body feels relaxed and comfortable.

AUTO COMFY DESIGN: The car armrest pad has a brand new ergonomic design that provides extreme comfort and supporting the arm, perfect for people who are suffering from serious arthritis or driving a long time every day with wrist fatigue.




EASY INSTALLATION: The armrest cushion is easily attached firmly on the car center console cover with two elastic straps without sliding, you can adjust the strap length to fit any type of consoles. The elastic strap of the armrest fits around most mid-size vehicle center consoles.



Material: High-quality, Breathable PU leather
Available Colors: Black/Black Red/Red/Coffee/Yellow/Purple
Compatibility: Fits 99% Cars
Size: 34 x 11 x 16 cm  (13.4 x 4.2 x 6.3 inches )
Weight:about 350g  (0.77 pound)
Package Included:1*Armrest Pad


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